What’s happening?

Hey, it’s Seth. I just took on a new job, so we're on pause for a few months. Once I get settled, I’ll be back. I promise.

Thanks for your patience, and feel free to email me at sethmoskowitz0 at gmail .com if you’ve got any questions!

Who runs this?

My name is Seth Moskowitz. I’m a journalist and am currently working as an editor of Persuasion, a fellow Substack publication. I’ve worked on three political campaigns, most recently as Campaign Manager for a California State Assembly race. My writing has been published in Arc Digital, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, and 270ToWin and featured in national news outlets including New York Magazine and The Hill. Follow me on Twitter at @skmoskowitz

Give me a chance…it’s free

If you have any questions, send me an email at sethmoskowitz0 at gmail .com or DM me on Twitter.

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